You not only shoot the firearms but learn how to load and operate, and the history of the guns.  I instruct shooters on the finer points of shooting. I don't like to see shots going downrange and not hitting targets, but I am not an overbearing drill sergeant type either.

Here is the list of firearms.

​Shooting through History

   This is the program with the most extensive lineup of firearms. It includes 8 rifles, 8 handguns,and one shotgun. You will fire over 70 shots from those guns. Plus, before shooting the program's weapons we shoot a revolver and semi auto pistol in 22 rimfire. This allows the shooter to understand and practice stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger control with minimal recoil. Then after the program we shoot 22 rimfire handguns and rifles at various distances and targets for a total of seventy or more 22 rimfire.

​​Shooting  Safaris

Flintlock rifle

Percussion  rifle

Winchester 73

Springfield trapdoor 45/70

Percussion revolver

Colt SAA 45

​Sharps rifle

357 magnum revolver

​44 magnum revolver

Colt 1911 45 acp

Beretta  M9  9mm

Springfield 1903  30-06

M-1 Garand      30-06

Colt M-4    223

Sniper rifle   308

Remington 870   12 gauge 

​Smith and Wesson  460 magnum