There is less noise due to not being in an enclosure or having other shooters arms length away. We have a shooting bay to ourselves.

We shoot outdoors and the only downside is the weather sometimes does not cooperate. The advantages are less noise, longer distances, special targets, and the use of black powder. And, photography is less constricted, allowing for better pictures or video.

The western and muzzle loading firearms are shot with black powder. Black powder is the original propellant for those guns. It has a different sound and makes more smoke than modern smokeless powder and gives the shooter a more authentic experience.

Mostly targets are 15 to 100 yards in distance. Sometimes we shoot on a part of the range that has targets from 200 to 800 yards distance. Compare that to the 25 yards that most indoor ranges are limited to. We shoot mostly steel targets. You can both hear and see hits on the steel. We also shoot water filled plastic bottles, wood, and empty shotgun hulls. One target has steel plates on arms and when a plate is knocked off the arm, the remaining plates will spin.

Shooting  Details

The Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club is open to the public and also has competitions on the weekends. Due to being so busy, the board of directors decided that contractors can not schedule events on the weekends. So I can not have clients on the weekends at this time.

​​Shooting  Safaris