To schedule a reservation text or email with date, time, number of shooters, and program selected. I will check my schedule and let you know if that will work. Payment is not due till we meet at the range. Right now I can only take cash. There is a waiver that needs to be signed before any shooting, too.

   Cancellations are okay just let me know as soon as possible so I could possibly schedule someone else or at least before I make the trip to the range. I can do this as the range has no fees for cancellations. ( only had 2 cancellations in 5 years so I do not see that as a problem )

   I do not have a set limit on group size. The most I have done by myself is 6. Anymore than that and it gets more complicated as I would need another bay and another instructor. A larger group could divide into 2 groups and one group could visit Boulder City or Hoover Dam while the other shoots and then trade.

Reservation and Payment

Age Limit

   Old enough to safely handle firearms by following instructions and being respectful. I would suggest at least 10 yoa for the rimfire and at least 15 yoa for the other programs that have guns with more recoil. You know your child better than I so this is an situation that can be discussed. 

   Most programs take around an hour and a half per shooter to complete. I have no problem spending more time as it is more relaxing to not rush. Let me know if you are on a tight schedule when making a reservation.

Time  Allotment   

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